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Research and application of synchronous chip sealer technology

Research and application of synchronous chip sealer technology

Oct 9,2016

[Abstract] At the same time aggregate spreading and asphalt spraying to aggregate and asphalt binder between the surface of full contact, and ultimately achieve the maximum adhesion in highway construction is the main synchronous chip sealer technology. During the construction of highway pavement maintenance, through the synchronous macadam seal technology for pavement service life extension, this is one of the most economical method. And this technology not only has a good economic and non slip, but also has a very long-term water. If there is no aggregate loss, we can ensure 3 ~ 5 years road maintenance.

1、synchronous macadam seal technology

Synchronous macadam seal technology is using special equipment and materials mechanical bonding to spread in the highway pavement construction, rolling pavement use natural speed or pneumatic tyre roller. This skill let these two binding time shortened, covering area of binder and aggregate particles is increased. So relationship between aggregate stability effectively, finally let work efficiency, reduce equipment development, effectively reduce the construction cost. It's high anti leakage and anti sliding performance processed by this skill, It can also effectively solve the slight rutting of pavement, lean, nets crack etc. Compared with the slurry or thin technology, this skill is more suitable for non rigid highway pavement, not only has high skid resistance and water resistance, but also can handle cracks between layers and good roughness.

2、Synchronous chip sealer technology characteristics

(1) It can make repaired road improve the coefficient of friction and road surface of the non slip degree, so ultimately can restore smoothness of road.

(2) It can service for low grade road transition, especially road construction foundation is not enough.

(3) It has high efficiency of construction, working procedure is also relatively simple, so can guarantee the open traffic speed limit.

(4) Through the local multilevel processing method for paving stone of different particle size, make a depth of 10 cm above the settlement, rutting and other diseases were cured by synchronous macadam seal technology.

(5) Whether it is in the transition road or road maintenance, price and performance are better than other technologies, but also ultimately allow the cost of road maintenance and maintenance is effectively reduced.

(6) It is the essence of a certain thickness of asphalt film by bonding thin asphalt surface, seismic performance for pavement cracks and pavement has been effectively controlled, and finally let the pavement waterproof effect is improved, and let the crack of pavement can effectively reduce the emission. Road maintenance can make the service life of the road up to 10 years or more.

(7) Asphalt aggregate on the road bonding material, and can directly contact the tire, so aggregate roughness caused by adhesion can make maintenance to achieve the best performance of pavement, not only got very good skid resistance, but also can make the minimum energy consumption.

3、Process of synchronous macadam seal technology

(1) mechanical equipment. It can be divided into asphalt thermal insulation vehicles, the asphalt transportation vehicle, multifunctional curing machine, sprinkler, stone dust cleaning equipment, road cleaning equipment, loaders and rubber tire roller and other mechanical equipment.

(2) construction technology.

First, main construction process is preparation work, and then on the material, paving, rolling, and eventually maintenance.

Second, ready to work. it is required to inspect top of base road that has been sprayed before construction process.

Third, paving construction. The wheel loader aggregate machine for synchronous chip sealer bucket loading between 13.2 ~ 19mm single particle diameter of crushed limestone. The container and use iron to accept asphalt material leakage, which can avoid asphalt material of high temperature pipe valve leakage. 

Fourth, rolling construction. The modified asphalt rubber tire roller tire adhesion of some high temperature, and the gravel and other materials stick go, so will not be able to quickly make construction of rolled waterproof material just spreading.

Fifth, construction maintenance. After the seal paving construction, can not appear the turning and braking situation. When construction needs to transport closed, after this modified asphalt sealing layer followed by construction of layer below, two construction need to closely link..

Finally, Traffic can be opened after finish spreading of following layer

One of the important measures in the conservation process of highway is synchronous macadam seal technology, and this technology has good economy, skid resistance and long waterproof. If there is no aggregate loss, we can ensure 3 ~ 5 years road maintenance. It is a kind of maintenance performance good effect and low cost high efficiency technology, it is suitable for any construction conditions and all kinds of road. It can solve most our country's highway problems and play a significant role in highway maintenance and construction process.