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Maintenance Equipment

Maintenance Equipment

Advantages and characterstics( chipping spreader)
The unique innovation to add wireless remote control device ( patented), control the discharging door opening and closing ( remote control distance 50m ), thereby effectively improving the working environment for workers, improve labor efficiency.

The ZMQS-1800(road sweeper) offers you an ideal price-performance. We have combined the brush diameter, the hopper capacity and the mounting options that the ZMQS-1800 has all that you need:Outsanding cleaning results at a reasonable price.

The working widths ranging from 135cm to 270cm and the multifunctional intake system allow it to be optiomally adjusted to your carrier vehicle. We have developed and tested every type of mounting system for you whether it's on a tractor, farm loader, wheeled loader, forklift truck or telehandler load lugger.

Thanks to our modular system, you can also re-fit your ZMQS-1800 at any time with a large range of accessories. These include a hopper with a shaker-mechanism, side brushes or a water spray system.

These allow you to enhance the sweeping performance, so that it meets your expectations perfectly.


1:Hydraulic pivot mechanism for flexible simple sweeping.
2:Large capacity hopper with wear-resistant sweep egde and hydraulic emptying as a standard feature.
3:The hoppers are all fitted with hydraulic simple sweeping mode.
4:Third support wheel for improved ground contour adjustment.
5:Water spray system(120/240L) for dust control during sweeping
6:Side brushes for sweeping edges, perfect for sweeping gutters
7:Reinforced heavy-duty castor wheels 250mm*80mm
8:Internal hydraulic motor
9:Flow control valve 1 for hydraulic fluid volume greater than 75L/Min.
10:Side-marker lights LED
11:Customised colour as per RAL colour chart
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