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Asphalt Distributor

Asphalt Distributor
Main features of standard asphalt distributor:
(1) Italy Riello burner with generator which have high heating efficiency. Optional: full cycle thermal oil heating mode.
(2) Integrated button control panel, spraying operation can be completed in the cab.
(3) One key open-type spray bar, real asphalt dual circulation. The removable stainless steel nozzles make spraying width can be adjusted at any length.
(4) Three overlapping spraying, spraying precise and uniform.
Main features of intelligent asphalt distributor:
(1) Use Chinese good quality and reliable hosting platform chassis, stable operation, low noise and energy saving.
(2) Asphalt tank insulated with fiber outsourcing, wall painting high temperature insulation coating (exclusive), they are better for the insulation.
(3) Computer-controlled, high-precision spraying, spraying operations can be done in the cab.
(4) Full thermal oil cycle heating, burner has anti-dry protection device.
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