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IKOM's work notice under the COVID19 epidemic:

IKOM's work notice under the COVID19 epidemic:

Feb 24,2020

1、When start to work? (1) Most of the manufacturing companies in Hangzhou(Zhejiang Province) where IKOM is located have resumed work on February 17-20. About two-thirds of the employees are already on the job, and one-third are not allowed to return because of severe epidemic areas. (2) Parts suppliers outside Hubei Province will resume work before the 25th. (3) Hubei's accessory suppliers will resume work after March 10.

2、 How do we go to work? Before entering the company, we must ensure that we get a healthy green code (Health code: Alibaba through data analysis, with red: 14 days for self-isolation, yellow: 7 days for self- isolation, green: free passage.), and then take a temperature measurement and complete disinfection after entering the office.

3、Most provinces have had no increase in the number of patients after February 20. There are still 400-500 cases a day in Hubei Province, and other provinces are already relatively safe.

The manufacture schedule will be abosolutely normally after 10th, March. The past order will delay for 20-25days and the new order after 10th, March will proceed normally. Best wishes and hope everyone happy and heathy.