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How many ways do you know to enter the bitumen decanter equipment?

How many ways do you know to enter the bitumen decanter equipment?

Oct 26,2020

The bitumen is poured into the barrel in the form of liquid, but it becomes solid with the decrease of temperature. If the bitumen is taken out of the barrel, a kind of equipment, bitumen decanter equipment, has emerged. Today, we are going to discuss the barrel feeding method of bitumen decanter equipment.

One of the main factors restricting the production capacity of the equipment is the time when the barreled bitumen enters the equipment. In this paper, we discuss several kinds of barrel feeding modes in the market one by one

1.Tray type barrel feeding. Look at the picture below.


This way of entering the barrel is to pour the bucket into a tray. After the whole tray is filled, the tray is pushed into the unloading equipment manually or mechanically. Then heat it up. In this mode, the barrel needs to be inverted manually or mechanically. Put a bucket into the specified position one by one. No deflection. The placement efficiency is not high.


 2、 Oil cylinder push type, or see the diagram to explain.

The barrel is lifted to the position of entering the barrel by small crane, and pushed into the melting chamber by hydraulic cylinder。

 3、 Turning into bucket

In this way, it is only necessary to put the barrel asphalt on the platform, and then the oil cylinder runs to put the oil barrel into the equipment. Turn over the barrel and enter the barrel at one time. It only takes 20 seconds to complete a process.