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Small gas pipe type drummed asphalt melting equipment

Small gas pipe type drummed asphalt melting equipment

Jul 17,2020

   Asphalt heating is an essential process in asphalt pavement construction, and asphalt heating equipment is an indispensable equipment; in this context, the small-scale drummed asphalt melting heating equipment with simple structure, economic and practical will have a good market prospect. The overall concept of the product is: 1) miniaturization, suitable for small-scale construction, each time the barrel heating

   4 ~ 6 barrels of asphalt in barrels; 2) easy to move with traction; 3) simple structure and low cost; 4) ensure that the heating process will not damage the quality of asphalt.

   Asphalt is the cementing material of asphalt pavement structure, and its quality has a great impact on the quality of asphalt pavement; the quality of asphalt is first guaranteed by the Petrochemical Department when it is produced. However, heating is an import process in the construction of asphalt pavement. In this process, due to improper heating process, it will cause asphalt aging, coking and oxidation, leading to asphalt quality reduce

   At present, the heating methods of asphalt heating equipment used in construction including gas pipe heating, heat conducting oil heating, electric heating, steam heating, solar heating, etc.; the electric heating has high requirements for power supply, and the steam heating method is less used due to the construction site conditions; solar heating is still in the test Stage, far from the stage of practical use. Therefore, gas pipe heating and heat transfer oil heating are mainly used. These two kinds of heating equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages

    The advantages of the heat transfer oil heating equipment are: the heat transfer oil is transferred to the pipe wall, and then heat exchange with asphalt to heat the asphalt. The temperature is easy to control in the process, which can effectively avoid asphalt aging. The disadvantages are complex structure, large investment, high maintenance cost, high energy consumption and poor economy.

   Simple structure, high thermal efficiency, low investment and low maintenance cost are the advantages of gas pipe heating equipment; however, it is difficult to control the gas temperature and easily cause high local temperature of gas pipe, which leads to asphalt aging. Through the principle of heat exchange, we can analyze whether we can control the disadvantages and give full play to the advantages of the system by reasonable structure design and taking certain measures.